Insurance Billing for Massage Therapy

General Health Insurance Billing

Cascade Massage Therapy is able to provide Insurance Billing for most General Health Insurance Companies. Annual allowances, deductibles, and co-pay plans differ with each Insurance Provider. Contact your Insurance Provider to find out if you have massage therapy benefits. Feel free to contact Cascade Massage Therapy to answer any questions regarding Insurance Billing. 

Health Savings Account(HSA) benefits are accepted. 

Auto Accident Insurance Billing


Have you been in an auto accident?

Oregon auto insurance polices cover your care for massage therapy. Massage therapy can be used for treatment of whiplash and other accident related injuries, which can reduce inflammation and scar tissue, reduce muscle spasms, and relive pain. Even minor accidents can cause major injuries and getting treatment after an accident is crucial to recovery.

Cascade Massage Therapy provides insurance billing for auto accident claims. A proper prescription is required.  

Please contact our office for assistance and answer any questions.